Invisalign in McKinney Texas

May 21, 2014 by Stonebridge Ranch Dentistry

People tenInvisalign McKinney Texasd to avoid laughing or smiling and feel embarrassed if they have teeth that are crowded or crooked. There is no reason for any person to live this way. It is important to remember that traditional braces may not always be you best choice. This is especially true for older individuals who are not prepared for dealing with the various issues that go along with wearing metal braces. However, Invisalign braces are now available as an outstanding alternative.

nvisalign clear braces are constructed from a plastic that is extremely durable. They are custom molded so they will fit over one specific patient’s teeth. They are barely noticeable to other people because they are custom molded and clear.

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Invisalign braces gradually straighten teeth. This usually takes around six months to happen. During the straightening process, a person will use one set of braces for two weeks, then they will move onto the next set of braces. There are small changes made in the molding of each set of braces. These slight changes will allow the teeth to be gradually shifted into their straight position. At the end of the process, the patient will have a gorgeous smile that he or she will be proud to show off.

One of the things that patients love about Invisalign clear braces is the fact that they are able to be removed easily. There is no way to take off traditional metal braces. However, patients wearing Invisalign braces can take out their braces when they are brushing their teeth, drinking or eating. This enables all patients to maintain proper dental hygiene. If a patient needs to attend a special event, they can choose to leave their Invisalign braces at home.

The results received from using Invisalign clear braces will vary for each patient. Most patients will end up with teeth that are far straighter than what they started with. Teeth can usually continue to be shifted until they are exactly as straight as the patient wants them to be. This will allow the patient to show off his or her teeth with a confidence they never had before.

If you have grown tired of hiding your teeth when you are in public, it is time you finally take action and discover the way that Invisalign’s invisible removable aligners can change your life forever. You will never need to be embarrassed about smiling again. Contact us today at Stonebridge Ranch Dentistry to find out more information about Invisalign.