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Our Technology

We invest in the best, newest technologies because we want to invest in your dental care so that it produces positive results for years to come. Our accurate digital imaging technology gives us a comprehensive view of your dental needs, so that you can make the best decisions in your dental care. Two of these exciting technologies we use are the Cone Beam X-rays and the 3Shape Trios Scanner.

Cone Beam X-ray

Our special 3-in-1 digital imaging platform produces advanced, multi-layer panoramic images known as Cone Beam X-rays. These 3D images are much more detailed than your regular dental x-rays, and they can produce images of your bones, nerve pathways, soft tissues and teeth in a single image. They are excellent to use when helping patients that are typically not skilled in viewing x-rays to get a clearer picture of their dental health and plan for advanced dental procedures. They can also help our dentist place dental implants with optimal accuracy.

3Shape Trios Scanner

If you have ever tried to view your own dental problem, you understand that it can be challenging for even a skilled dentist to complete an oral assessment without the most up-to-date technology. One of our state-of-the art viewing tools is a 3Shape Trios Scanner. The 3Shape Trios Scanner is an intraoral camera. This small, pen-shaped wand has a camera with fiber optic light that allows our dentists to take very detailed images of your mouth.

Our dentists are able to see things otherwise undetectable by using the 3Shape Trios Scanner, allowing us to catch dental problems quickly, oftentimes before you even have any symptoms! These images can be viewed on a color TV screen in the treatment room and allows you to be more involved in your dental care. These images can be sent to other specialist involved in your care as well.

We are excited to use these technologies in your treatment that offer the best possible care for your smile!