Stonebridge Ranch Dentistry McKinney TX | Same Day Dentistry

With our newest piece of technology, the Planmeca PlanScan, Dr. Jackson and Dr. Taylor
can create crowns, veneers and bridges in just hours, rather than days.

Why Same Day Dentistry?

Same Day Dentistry allows our team to help make your perfect smile a reality in one visit! Some other benefits include:

  • Comfort: No gooey impressions that can oftentimes make patients feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic.
  • Custom: With the PlanScan, digital impressions are taken to create perfectly custom-fit and color-matched crowns, veneers and bridges.
  • Quick: The entire process is done in one visit and just a few hours for a hassle-free experience, and no need to wear temporary crowns or be numb twice.

How It Works

To start, the target tooth is prepared. The ultra-precise PlanScan takes digital pictures using laser technology, which is then converted in a 3D model of the tooth. Then, the crown is created using a fabrication machine. We have a large variety of ceramic blocks in multiple shades to perfectly match your other teeth. Finally, the completed crown is polished and fitted, and then cemented into place.